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Welcome to Humani-T’s new newsletter. We’ll be using Substack to send you e-mails about the latest at Humani-T. Don’t worry, we’re not going to blast your inbox or anything, just a monthly(ish) e-mail that keeps you in the loop about the epic things we’re churning out of our gelato machine, bakery, espresso machine, and coffee roaster.

Hello Halifax.

As our community continues to navigate through these difficult times, we continue to have you all in our hearts and minds. We are so grateful for all your support, not only for us, but for local businesses in general. We have received so much love from our customers, and we know that many local businesses have felt that same warmth.

Thank you, for being there for local businesses.

We wanted to remind that that are we still going strong here at Humani-T. While our South Park location remains closed for now (although hoping to re-open soon), our North End location is open Monday - Friday, from 9 - 3 pm.

We are also doing delivery in HRM. We deliver everything from bags of coffee and tea, to organic bread, our in-house peanut butter, gelato, cakes, and soups. (And so much more.)

Please use this link to place your orders. You’ll find an expanded menu which includes many grocery items.

Click for our ordering menu

Please note that if you are ordering fresh loaves of organic bread, your order needs to be placed by Monday or Wednesday before 3pm for the next day.

Sending you lots of love. If you have any questions at all, you can reply to this email or post, and we’ll do our best to help you out.


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