Vote Humani-T for Best Ice Cream / Gelato / FroYo

Humani-Team -- assemble!

Welcome to Humani-T’s new newsletter. We’ll be using Substack to send you e-mails about the latest at Humani-T. Don’t worry, we’re not going to blast your inbox or anything, just a monthly(ish) e-mail that keeps you in the loop about the epic things we’re churning out of our gelato machine, bakery, espresso machine, and coffee roaster.

Hey Humani-T customers, we need your help. We’ve been nominated for The Coast’s Best Of Awards, in the ‘Best Ice Cream / Gelato / FroYo’ category. If you love our Free Gelato Day where we raise money for charity, love our vegan gelato options, our mini egg gelato season, and all the other delicious gelato things we do, please consider voting for us here. Once you click on the link, you can hit ‘menu items’ on the left hand side, and select the ‘Best Ice Cream / Gelato / Frozen Yogurtcategory.

One important note, don’t just vote for us. Go through the whole list of categories and vote for your favourites. The Coast’s algorithm will automatically disqualify anyone’s votes who don’t vote for at least a few different things. Vote here.

Thank you. We love you. See you soon for gelato and espresso.

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