Vegan Pumpkin Pies / Gelato Are Back!

Some updates from your favourite local dessert shop <3

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Vegan pumpkin season is back!

This is our favourite time of the year. It’s yours too.

Our bakery has already begun slinging out vegan pumpkin pies, which can be purchased by the slice, or by the pie (on pre-order). If you’d like us to make you one for your next family get-together, please call our bakery directly: 902-454-5454. Here is an example of what the full vegan pumpkin pies look like:

🚨 we have a few vegan pumpkin pies available for sale at each location today — until sold out! Call ahead, or pop in early!
Hydrostone location is open now. South Park opens at 12. #halifaxnoise #humanitcafe
October 13, 2019

Also, fun vegan pumpkin pie gelato is back! You can come in for a scoop, or call us for a party tub or gelato cake. We are very excited to be rolling out even more fun vegan flavours this season, but we’ll keep the rest as a surprise;)

If you haven’t already, please make sure to enter our pumpkin pie giveaway contest here:


We’re giving away 2 pints of this deliciousness. To enter:

1. Follow @humani_tcafe on Instagram
2. Tag a friend you’d share a pint with
3. Draw will be next Friday
4. In the meantime if you’d like to pre-order a vegan pumpkin pie gelato cake or party tub, call our bakery directly: 902-454-5454!

Good luck! We’re open until 6 everyday except for Sunday (closed). Pop in for a scoop!

#halifax #halifaxnoise #humanitcafe
September 12, 2020

DIY gelato sandwich kits

There is nothing quite like the old-fashioned pairing of fresh cookies and fresh gelato. Ice cream sandwiches have long been a favourite for many families. They bring people together. But how much more special would the experience be if you were to make them fresh and customize them rather than buying a store-bought, pre-packaged ice cream sammy?

Let us sort this out for you. We offer DIY gelato sandwich kits, which you can pre-order here and pick up at our north end location. Kit includes:

  • 8 cookies from our bakery

  • 2 pints of gelato

What are you waiting for? Make some cookies with your family, courtesy of the best gelato around!

Just what is gelato?

Gelato, fro-yo, ice cream, soft-serve — all descendants of the same delicious cold dessert family. But you may wonder: What’s so different about gelato, and why should I choose gelato over ice cream?

“Gelato is typically hand-made in small batches”

Yes, that’s true, but that’s now what necessarily sets it apart. Some ice cream can be made in small batches too; while gelato is sometimes mass-produced.

What makes gelato different is the way it’s made. Gelato is typically made without cream, or with about 70% less cream than ice cream. That means it has much less fat, and much more flavour.

We take this one step further:

  • In many of our flavours, we omit animal products altogether. No milk, no cream. 50% of our gelato are vegan, made with dairy-free milk or water.

  • We do not purchase any flavour packs, and make everything ourselves. We blend in over 1 kilogram of fruit into each fruity flavour, roast our own pistachios (that’s why our pistachio gelato isn’t neon green), and draw our own espresso shots for coffee flavoured gelato. If a cake needs to be layered into the gelato, we make the cake ourselves in our bakery! The list goes on. We control everything, to ensure you get the best tasting product.

More per scoop

You’ll notice that gelato is typically more expensive than ice cream. There is a reason for this, beyond the quality. Gelato has less air whipped into it than ice cream, meaning you get almost double per scoop! Better quality, better flavour, and more to enjoy! Everyone wins.

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