The Gelato Burger -- Part Of Halifax Burger Week

$1 from each gelato burger goes to Feed Nova Scotia!

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We have always wanted to be part of the Halifax Burger Week. It’s such a great initiative, and, it’s also so delicious with so many great local establishments around the city creating so many great burgers.

This year, we decided to get involved, but not in the traditional way. We’ve created a dessert burger — specifically a gelato burger!

The Gelato Burger (all of it made in-house):

Profiterole bun, dark chocolate gelato patty, tuile lettuce cookie, and strawberry ketchup.

The Gelato Burger. Part of @thecoasthalifax @hfxburgerweek.

In-house profiterole bun, dark chocolate gelato patty, tuile lettuce cookie, strawberry ketchup.

We are your dessert burger this year. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

#hfxburgerweek #halifax #halifaxnoise #humanitcafe #gelato #burger
October 15, 2020

The burger will be served from October 22 - 31 at our Young Street location. $1 from each burger will go to FEED Nova Scotia.

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