Our South Park Location Is Open During The Crane Disaster

.. And we're serving so many delicious vegan pumpkin things

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You may have heard, there is a crane that’s fallen. The fallen crane, in turn, has affected several local business and residents. Some have been evacuated. Businesses have been shutdown for safety reasons.

Our South Park location is one of two shops in the Trillium building who’ve been allowed to stay open during the disaster. But, because access from Spring Garden Road is closed, many people can’t access our cafe, which makes things difficult. Below is a social media post (which, admittedly, you may have seen), which explains our situation:

This is going to be a very transparent and heart-felt post. You may or may not know, that there are three businesses who have allowed to open their doors during the crane accident and South Park st closure. That would be us, @twiggzhalifax, and Fawcett’s Jewellers. While we’ve been open, Humani-T has only been able to do a quarter of its regular daily sales, and that’s because people can only access us through Brenton St. This means a lot of things: staff are not getting hours, and it’s going to be very hard for us to survive this ‘storm’ if it continues. We are being kept in the dark about when anything is going to get fixed, and are very thankful to @wayemason, who has taken it upon himself as an individual initiative to find out what’s going on and emailing all the businesses to keep us in the loop.
What can you do to help? Well, sharing this post would surely help. But also, please stop in! We’re still open. We’re still serving delicious pumpkin treats and delicious coffee / gelato! You just have to access us through the Brenton side of things.

Also, if you can’t physically pop in, please call us and pre-order your vegan pumpkin pies for your next dinner. Plan ahead for Thanksgiving or Christmas if you like! The pies are $9.95, and are 9 inches.

We love you all! And look forward to getting through this and organizing our next ‘Free Gelato Day’! Love,
#halifax #humanitcafe
September 17, 2019

TL;DR: We’re open, and we’re struggling to pull through due to the limited sidewalk access.

So, what can you do? Please come by! We’re still serving your favourite things! If you’re confused about how to access us, the Spring Garden Business Association put out a video which shows how you get to us through Brenton Street:

Don’t crane on my parade!!🏗
For those of you who may not already know, there are still businesses open on South Park Street. Access them via Brenton St! Please stop by and support these great local businesses.
#cranelife #springgardenarea #halifaxbusiness
September 25, 2019

If you can’t make it in physically, please call either location and place your vegan pumpkin pie orders, or vegan pumpkin pie gelato cake orders. You can also purchase the vegan pumpkin pies at Pete’s Dresden.

Humani-T South Park: 902 425 9535

Humani-T Hydrostone: 902 454 5454


Thanks for all your support and love!

- Humani-Team