Humani-T Offerings: Candy Cane Gelato, Holiday Coffee, Vegan Cakes,

Here's a quick list of all the great things you can get from us for the Holidays

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Gelato Take Home Pints

🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 VEGAN CANDY CANE GELATO IS BACK. Buy it by the pint, or the scoop. Or both. ♥️ #humanitcafe #halifax
November 4, 2019

We are featuring three flavours of gelato this month, and you can purchase them as take-home pints for your holiday dinner:

  1. Vegan Candy Cane

  2. Eggnog

  3. Gingerbread

With 72 hours notice, we can also do gelato cakes with these flavours, or party tubs (which serve about 40 scoops). Call us to pre-order!

Vegan Holiday Cakes

Make sure to order your vegan holiday cakes from us! We’ll make it pretty and delicious. 72 hours notice required. Call our bakery directly 902-454-5454 #halifaxnoise #humanitcafe
December 10, 2019

If you’re looking for a more traditional cake, we’ve got you covered! We’re currently featuring a ‘Happy Holidays’ cake (which can be customized if need be) with a vegan dark chocolate interior and vanilla frosting. Fun wintery decorations on top! To pre-order, please call our bakery with 72 hours notice: 902-454-5454.

Holiday Blend Coffee is back!

A blend of South American, East African and Indonesian beans. Roasted to a beautiful chestnut brown finish, with notes of almond, molasses and chocolate. Buy a bag for you and a friend, or try our mini stocking-stuffer version!

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